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Several Non-Teaching Jobs In The Education Sector That May Interest You

Many people are able to meet their daily needs and sustain comfortable living through their jobs. People have experiences which vary from good to bad in relation to finding a job. It is also noteworthy that there is a group of individuals who are satisfied with their jobs while another group of people for some reason wish to switch jobs. People with a wider and stronger network are likely to get jobs faster than those without. You should also be open-minded and ready to grab job opportunities that are not necessarily in the sector where your career lies. For example, a computer scientist should not be hesitant to apply for a non-teaching job in the education sector which they qualify for simply because it does not fall under the telecommunication sector. Some of the best non-teaching jobs in the education sector are as follows.

One of the non-teaching jobs in the education sector is that of a director of special education. The various things which a director of special education is expected to do involve ensuring that the school staff continuously develop professionally, the services offered by the school agree in all respect with the legal requirements and also provide assistance to the special education staff through consultation and coordination of the individualized education program. You will stand a great chance of winning the job of a director of special education if you are bilingual, if you possess CA administrative services credential, have a masters degree in special education or a similar field and have seven years of experience in a leadership position which partly was supervisory.

The other one among the non-teaching jobs in the education sector is one of Human capital business partner. This kind of job may not be ideal for those seeking part-time jobs as it is a full-time job. The good thing about the human capital business partner job is that its salary is very competitive and can be about 60,000 US dollars a year. To be sure that you will stand out from the crowd that applies for this type of job, ensure that you have experience with HR systems such as Workday, Greenhouse and iVision and at least three years’ experience in Human capital. Some of the typical characteristics required of a Human Capital Business Partner include the ability to communicate well with others both in writing and verbally, a sense of urgency and time management, eagerness to learn, attention to detail and much more.

There are many more non- teaching jobs that you can find in the education sector. Other jobs include parent organizer jobs, people manager job, college operations manager and etcetera.

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